Family of Four and Bently | Goleta Family Portraits

Eva Maria and Thomas and their two fun and super-cute boys chose a beautiful evening for portraits. Bently, their giant puppy Bernese Mountain Dog, came along, too.

I hope you’ll forgive me, Eva Maria, I have to tell a little about Bently and me. It helps if everyone realizes that every family session has its chaos, wild exuberance, and occasional mishaps and tears. But that’s what keeps it genuine, too. I mean, it’s a success every time just getting everyone in a family in the viewfinder, let alone with their heads turned in the same semi-arc and eyes open. Forget trying to get smiles – but then, those seem to appear almost magically.

So, “Bently and Me” – Big puppy Bently thought it was all pretty fun. In fact, he quickly formed the impression that I was along as his play buddy. Perfectly logical. There I’d be, crouching low (to take a picture) and then running ahead to get another angle – looks like a perfect play companion, no? It just got a bit more difficult to hold the camera straight when he got the idea to jump me every time I’d kneel down for a shot or even standing up. Eva Maria was so embarrassed. He’d gnaw rambunctiously at my arm, bound around happily and then there he’d be again on my back! I tried scolding him myself, but he wasn’t at all impressed with my authority. The more Bently got reprimanded, the more he rebelled, ha!

I had such a great time with you 5! And the next time I see Bently, we’ll be old buddies. Thank you to you all for the wonderful evening!

Family Portrait at Goletas Ellwood Mesa.
Portrait of famliy of 4 with their dog, Santa Barbara.
Family looking down at the waves from the bluffs, Santa Barbara.
Family lifestyle walking to beach, Santa Barbara.
Father and Son and their big puppy dog, Goleta.
Portrait of family sitting down above the beach, Goleta, California.
Photograph of family with dog sitting down above the beach.
Family Portrait
Active lifestyle Family portraits on the beach, Santa Barbara.
Family with dog on beach at sunset.
Parents with their two boys on the beach, Goleta.
Santa Barbara family portraits.
Couples Portrait at sunset with their dog in the ocean, Santa Barbara.
Family with dog on a Santa Barbara beach.