Organic Sonoma Wedding | Casey and Austin

Austin is an organic vegetable farmer and Casey is a filmmaker. And what a lucky combination for the rest of us. Casey has documented their first year following Austin’s heart and soul launch into his calling as a farmer in The Organic Life.  Her film has been shown at film festivals around the country and now it’s on iTunes and Amazon! Go check it out now!! It’s a wonderful glimpse into their life and the life of devotion and hard work of organic farmers everywhere.

Thank you, Casey and Austin, for your kindness and generosity! It was such an honor for us to be able to celebrate with you on your wedding day!

A big shout out also to wedding coordinator, Melanie King, for a fantastic job!

Sonoma wedding photography, couple kissing with barn in background
Sonoma wedding, prickly pear cactus and hacienda.
Wedding gown, Sonoma wedding photography.
Bride getting ready, Sonoma wedding photography
Bride having her make-up done, Sonoma wedding.
Bridal gown and shoes, Sonoma wedding.
Getting ready, Sonoma wedding photography.
Bride putting on boots, Sonoma wedding photographer.
First look, Sonoma wedding photographer.
Portraits of bride and groom, Sonoma wedding.
Bride and groom, Sonoma wedding photographer.
Beautiful Sonoma wedding, bride and groom.
Portrait of bride and groom with barn, Sonoma wedding photography.
Portrait of bride and groom in eucalyptus grove, Sonoma wedding.
Bride and groom through hacienda gate, Sonoma wedding photography.
Sonoma wedding, portraits of bride and groom.
Welcoming wedding guests, Sonoma wedding.
Refreshments and lavender at Sonoma wedding.
Typewriter and envelopes for personalized poems, Sonoma wedding photography.
Bride and friends before the wedding, Sonoma wedding photographer.
Wedding cake and sunflowers, Sonoma wedding.
Sage water refreshments, Sonoma wedding photography.
Wedding guests standing in line for personalized poetry, Sonoma Wedding photography.
Poet writing personalized poems at Sonoma wedding.
Wedding guests in colorful clothes at Sonoma wedding.
Wedding guests and clouds at Sonoma wedding.
Sonoma wedding flower girls.
Sonoma wedding ceremony with banjo music accompaniment.
Beautiful Sonoma wedding.
Exchanging rings, Sonoma wedding ceremony.
Happy couple exchanging rings, Sonoma wedding ceremony.
First kiss, happy couple after the wedding ceremony, Sonoma.
Sonoma wedding, happy couple after the ceremony.
Friend congratulating the bride, Sonoma wedding photography.
Wedding guests with wine glasses, Sonoma wedding.
Wedding guests, Sonoma wedding photography.
Sister of the bride giving speech, Sonoma wedding photography.
Happy wedding guests listening to speech, Sonoma wedding.
Children petting big dog, Sonoma wedding photography.
Flower girls with cat, Sonoma wedding photography.
Beautiful Sonoma wedding reception table decoration, flowers, wine and bread.
Bread, organic tomatoes and wedding rings, Sonoma wedding photography.
Wedding rings on Sunflower stalk, Sonoma wedding photographer.
Child in the sunflower plants, organic Sonoma wedding.
Children playing in the sunflowers, Sonoma wedding photographer.
Assorted colorful plates at Sonoma wedding reception.
Organic table decoration at outdoor Sonoma wedding.
Standing in line at organic wedding reception buffet, Sonoma wedding.
Wedding guest displaying delicious organic food, Sonoma wedding reception.
Wedding guests at the reception, Sonoma wedding photographer.
Wedding rings and sage water refreshments, Sonoma wedding photographer.
Bride and groom listening to reception toasts, Sonoma wedding photographer.
Wedding guest giving a toast, Sonoma wedding photography.
Bride and groom laughing, Sonoma wedding reception.
Cheers! Sonoma wedding reception toast.
Bride and groom
Bride and groom
First dance and kiss, Sonoma wedding photography.
Dancing at Sonoma outdoor wedding reception.
Bride and groom and friends dancing at Sonoma wedding reception.
Arann Harris & The Farm Band, Sonoma wedding photography.
Dancing to live music by Arann Harris and The Farm Band, Sonoma wedding photography.
Tambourines and music by Arann Harris & The Farm Band at Sonoma wedding reception.
Bride and groom lifted up on chairs - Horah Dance, Sonoma wedding.
Horah Dance, bride and groom lifted up on chairs, Sonoma wedding photography.