Charlotte and Daniel

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Grooms-man skating out of garage and around vintage car.Groom and Grooms-men portrait with vintage car and palm trees, Santa Barbara.Foggy Santa Barbara beaches.Groom driving vintage chevy impala in Santa Barbara.Beautifly Wedding dress in window, Montecito Country Club.
Bride getting ready in Santa Barbara Hotel.Bride putting on dress.Mother helping bride with the wedding dress at the Montecito Country Club.Detail of wedding gown while getting ready in Santa Barbara.Detail of bride wearing wedding dress.
Kids running around bride, Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer.Kids running around bride, Montecito Wedding Photographer.Girl and iphone at Wedding, Montecito.Detail of place cards at the Montecito Country Club.Detail of table sets at the Montecito Country Club.
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Boy and girl sitting in shade before wedding.Wedding ceremony at the Montecito Country Club.Santa Barbara and Montecito outdoor Wedding Ceremony.Santa Barbara and Montecito Wedding Photographer.Group portrait of wedding party on the grounds of Montecito Country Club.
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Wedding couple lounging on big sofa at wedding reception, Montecito Wedding Photographer.