Sharon and Kyle

Groom arriving at the wedding site, Colorado National Monument.Wedding guests walking to the cliff-side ceremony.Groom and groomsmen waiting patiently.Groomsmen and groom waiting for everyone to arrive.Groom walking in amazing landscape and sky, Colorado National Monument.
Groom and groomsmen walking to the site of the wedding ceremony.Groom with soon-to-be father-in-law.Bride stepping out of the car.Bridesmaid adjusting the brideBride, bridesmaids, and flowergirl.
Flowergirl being held.Wedding ceremony at Wedding Canyon Overlook, Colorado National Monument.Crazy strong wind during the wedding ceremony at Wedding Canyon Overlook, Colorado National Monument.Thunderstorm winds at Wedding Canyon Overlook, Colorado National Monument.Bride and groom during the windy wedding ceremony.
The Kiss.Cute old grandmothers at the wedding ceremony.Bride and groom leaving the ceremony site, Colorado Plateau.Group portrait of the wedding party at Colorado National Monument.Signing the marriage certificate.
Bride reapplying lip gloss.Bridesmaids helping bride with make-up touch-up.Portrait of the wedding couple.Full-length portrait of the bride and groom.Portrait of the bride and groom with amazing rock formations.
Bride and groom looking out over Wedding Canyon, Colorado National Monument.Bridal portrait.Portrait of the groom.Bride and groom in gale winds overlooking Wedding Canyon, Colo. NatGroom and bride with veil flying in the wind.
Wedding couple at the best outdoor location.Bride and groom at the amazing Colorado National Monument.Bride and groom at cliff-side overlooking Wedding Canyon, Colorado National Monument.Timeless shot of bride and groom kissing in their convertible.Groom receiving congratulatory hugs.
Fathers celebrating.Young wedding guests at the reception.Bride and groomBride and groom dancing at the reception.Wedding guests dancing at the reception.
Detail of wedding cake.Bride and groom goofing-off with their first piece of cake.Wedding guests dancing at the reception.Bride and groom leaving the reception with sparklers.